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Standing out with its offbeat tramp life theme, the classic Bonanza 6x5 slot includes random Multiplier symbols in both the base game and Free Spins round. The game is further enhanced with Buy Bonus and Chance x2 features.

The Tramp Day release is BGaming’s successful attempt to break the daily gaming routine and create a daring and unwonted slot in a completely new style. This time, we offer players the chance to walk a mile in an ordinary tramp’s shoes and experience his life, accompanied by hip-hop music effects.

Day after day, our tramp wanders down the street, searching for something to help him make a living. But our hero keeps his head up and rejoices at every discovery. After all, there’s so much to be found among the discarded items on the 6x5 refilling reels: donuts, bottles and cans of drinks, pizza, and even if you’re lucky, some cash and multipliers.

Our game’s tramp stands with a sign during the day, selling Chance x2 or Buy Bonus features to players. If somebody buys it, they will be able to spend a night at the Free Spins round near the pub. Here, people can often leave valuables or money – x2 to x500 multipliers and big wins, for example.

TrampDay_Freespins game play screenshot


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